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Consumers will use your website as a means to evaluate your business and compare you to your competition - this means they will be considering doing business with you without you ever even knowing about them or having had a chance to meet them first-hand; therefore, it is imperative that your website speaks volumes about your business and clearly communicates your main business messages. In this way, a website can help to generate leads for your business. If your website doesn't communicate clearly with your target demographic or you don't even have a website (gasp!) then you are missing out on those potential leads and losing customers. We can help to build a new site for you or we can re-design an old site for you - whatever your needs are, we can help. Contact Us to find out what we can do for you.

Our web design services are very diversified - we offer everything from web design to web hosting to search engine optimization - and everything in between! If you need a website, you can choose from one of our many template solutions or you can opt in for a fully customized solution. We offer both because each customer has different needs and budgets and we understand that.

Web Design Services...

Custom Website Design

We offer custom website design services for the clients that want an outstanding and unique design. All of our websites are designed and coded to only the highest of standards so when you purchase through us - you can be sure that your website will be unique and be fully cross-browser compatible. We pride ourselves on our graphic design abilities and being able to come up with a WOW design everytime! Custom web design services are all unique and therefore have unique costs and requirements so contact us today to talk with a specialist regarding your unique requirements.

Template Website Design

We also offer many template website solutions and are able to use most third-party templates and their respective systems. This is a very cost effective way for any business to get a fully functional, amazing website. More Information...

Fully Custom Web Applications

These applications are for the entrepreneur or business that has a rare or unique idea for an online application. These tools can be anything from a fence cost estimating system to an online calendar booking tool. Sometimes these ideas are brand new, ground breaking ideas and sometimes they are ideas that have been attempted in the past but can be improved upon. Whatever your ideas are, we will sit down and discuss options and pricing with you. Consultation sessions are completely free so call us today to book an appointment with a specialist: 250-763-3771 - phone consultations also available. More Information...

E-commerce Stores

We offer very affordable E-commerce websites that can start making money immediately. These stores feature full support so you will never be left hanging if there is an issue or simply something you just don't understand. Our "Easy Stores" come with a custom designed header - unique to you and your store, PayPal integration, shipping setup, a banner ad management system so you can easily trade banners with other sites, content management tools so you can easily update all of the content yourself, e-newsletter functions so you can keep your customers up to date with news, specials and other information, and much more! More Information...

Fully Loaded E-commerce Stores

These stores are just like our "Easy Stores" outline above but we also provide access to 10,000 inventory items and access to a reliable drop shipper so you can start selling products immediately from the comfort of your own home. These stores are perfect for the entrepreneur that wants to get into the online market but doesn't necessarily have an existing or large inventory base. The real beauty of this store is the fact that you can still list your own products for sale! More Information...

Web Site Design

If you are reading this then obviously you are thinking about getting a website for yourself or your business. Whether you need your site for displaying real estate listings or you just need a site to display information - We can help. Give us a call today to set up a consultation meeting so we can determine your needs and give you an accurate estimate. The reason we do this is because each of our clients is unique and has unique needs.

Web design and development isn't just about creating some html pages and slapping them up online - it's about figuring out what the needs and functions of the business are and then creating ideas and implementing solutions that work alongside those needs and functions.

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