Web Applications

Do you need more than just a site? Maybe you need a site that takes some user input and stores it in a database so that you can retrieve it later? Maybe you are a real estate agent that needs a listings system that allows you to easily add and edit your real estate listings?
" Maybe you need a ..."

Whatever your needs are, talk to us, we can help.

Web applications give users and vendors a huge advantage. Where previously, users had to buy and install software directly on their local machines - the web application opens a whole new world for software users. Users just go to a site and use it - how simple is that? No more cumbersome downloads and troubleshooting installations...just point and click. Vendors are fast realizing the advantage to having online web applications in addition to or for replacing their old software - take a look at Adobe. They've recently created an online version of their popular application, Adobe Photoshop. Also, take a look at Google, they have created and are constantly working on their online office suite - along with countless other web applications including their online email system - GMail.

The point is, Web Applications are the websites of the future...

Example Web Applications from AZTech Web Design

Custom Database Programming

Our programming experts have extensive experience working with databases, including Oracle and MySQL databases. Our programming experts really love a challenge so if you can dream it - we can build it! We've built everything from contact relationship management (CRM) software systems, real estate listings engines, e-commerce solutions, customized contractor software to our very own in-house software systems. Feel free to call us if you'd like to bounce your ideas off of us and see what we think! 250-763-3771.