Search Engine Optimization - Tips and Tricks

1) It is very important to ALWAYS build your site (or have your site built) with a strong foundation - it's the same rule for any 'structure'; without a strong foundation - the rest will eventually go downhill. When we say 'strong foundation', what we mean is that your site should be coded according to current W3C standards, it should be cross-browser compatible, it should have a logical directory structure, the urls should be search engine friendly, and last (but certainly not least) each page should have unique and relevant titles, keywords, and descriptions in the meta-tags. If you've gone that far then you certainly have a good start; however, that is just the beginning...

2) Who is linking to you? The more sites out there (that are relevant to your site content) that link back to you, the better. It shows search engines what your site is about. For example: if your site sells baby products and another site that lists popular baby products links to you - then search engines will take your site a little more seriously when it comes to consumers searching for the term "baby products", etc. On the opposite end of the spectrum - if your site has irrelevant links linking to it then that will essentially 'dilute' your search engine ranking and have the opposite affect that you are looking for. But really, if you're selling shoes on your site and a real estate site links to you - what are the search engines supposed to think? I can see how that would confuse them.

3) Update your site (often!). One of the best ways to climb up the proverbial search engine ladder is to keep your site content updated - add new, relevant content. If you think about it, it really makes sense. If your site has been up for 2 years and you've never (or hardly ever) updated your content and your competition has been updating their content every month (or so) - whose content do you think is likely to be more current and thus more relevant for search engine users? Certainly not yours...

4) Social Media/Blogging, etc. One of the biggest trends on the net right now is social media. Do you have a Facebook page for your site? Is your business on Twitter? Do you have a blog? If so, do you keep them updated with current news and interesting info? This section ties into the section above about "Who is linking to you?" - the more relevant content on the internet that links back to your site, the better. Blogging in particular is very effective at driving traffic and customers to your website.

As you are probably realizing, there's no 'secret' strategy out there for optimizing a website for the search engines; what it really takes is a lot of time (patience) and a lot of hard work writing A LOT of content...Most businesses will simply say, "I just don't have the time...". Well that's fine but you can always hire an expert to do it for you (we can do it!).

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