Easy Stores starting at ONLY $349

Do you need an e-commerce website to sell your products or inventory? Starting at only $349 CAD plus $29.99/month for support and hosting it's as easy as 1-2-3! Your website comes with a banner management system, e-newsletter functions, a custom designed header, a unique domain name, a content management system and much more - it's set up and ready to go!

What type of stores can we build?

We can literally build any kind of e-store - you just need to come up with a product to sell on it.

What's different about our stores?

Our stores come fully set up and ready to go - all you need to do is add the inventory and SELL SELL SELL! Adding inventory has never been so easy and if you run into any problems or issues we provide full support services for all our clients.

We are the leader in online e-stores. This is because we will help to support you and your online store until well after the site launch AND we will make sure that your store is fully functional so that you can be successful. Beware of "Web Design Companies" offering cheap imitations of what we offer!

What your store comes with...

Gift Store Inventory Available

Maybe you want to get into the online market but do not necessarily have a product to sell? Check out our Fully Loaded Gift Shops today and start making money online right away.

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A Sample Easy Store

Online Store - Easy to set up

Beer Gut Body Wear

This online AZTech Easy Store is a perfect example of what our Easy Stores are meant to do - which is to allow small business owners carve their way into the online marketplace without incurring a high cost. Our stores are meant to work "Out of the Box" so there is little to no overhead on the part of our clients - we make the process as simple a possible!